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Zora is a single shotgun, camel back cottage built in 1846 or in the early 1900’s. I know that is quite a range but there was The Great Fire of 1895 that destroyed approximately 200 homes in this small neighborhood and many documents were destroyed as well… therefore, the conflict of the actual age of the house.  Regardless of the year built, this house is what is called a “barge board” house where large cypress trees were cut upriver, strapped together to form a barge, loaded with produce and various supplies to take to market, and floated down river to New Orleans to deliver the goods. Once unloaded the barges were dismantled and repurposed.  Zora was built with the repurposed old growth cypress and handmade square nails and the living room features cypress walls exposed with the old untouched patina from years past.  The front of the cottage was an old commercial fish house and the back yard has the buried oyster shells to prove it…tough for gardening!  Also, upon entering  there is a breezeway that was the covered carriage way where the carriage was stored, and further back a carriage house where the horses were housed.

I have lived here for 24 years and love this quiet community where I feel like all of my neighbors are family! All said, the property has been renovated and updated for comfort over the years but still retains the charm of years past.

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